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What Type of Workout Will I Get With Bowflex’s M5?

Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Overview

Interested in a challenging substitute to a home treadmill? Consider the super-efficient Bowflex M5. This compact home exercise machine is designed to outperform treadmills in a few ways. It supports full-body workouts, is zero impact and is designed to burn calories at a rapid pace. You can burn calories at up to 2.5 times the rate you achieve with a treadmill!

How it works: The Max Trainer M5 offers 16 resistance levels. Your lower body trains with a stair-stepping or elliptical motion, depending on the resistance level. Your upper body gets toned with help from moving arms. The arm bars appear similar to those on elliptical trainers, but they can be nearly two times as effective at sculpting your physique.


Because they minimize the risk of injury, low impact exercise machines like the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 are popular in part. With an M5, but obviously not with a treadmill, your feet never leave the pedals. The smooth motion is light on your joints. The zero impact factor also helps you exercise more intensely than you typically do.

This treadmill substitute is the leading model in its series. It has 16 resistance levels and 9 built-in workout programs. The Max Trainer can also sync with the free Max Trainer App for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Max Trainer M5 ConsoleThe M5 has a backlit screen giving access to manual exercise mode and 8 preset workouts. The presets are: Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn, Calorie Goal, Stairs, Steady State and Fitness Test.

Bowflex Max Trainers occupy little space compared to a treadmill. The M5’s footprint is 46″ L x 25″. The unit weighs 143 pounds. The Bowflex M5 costs $1,599 online with free delivery. The purchase price includes a wireless chest strap for heart rate tracking.

Workout in Your Home with a Bowflex Max Trainer! Visit Bowflex.com for more info.

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